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Cellular Shade For Sliding Glass Doors In Sandpoint, ID Home

Many homeowners in North Idaho opt for cellular shades due to their high insulating properties during cold winters. These shades have air pockets that act as an extra insulating barrier at the window and help reduce cold drafts.

Cellular Shades for sidelight windows

Recently, a customer in Sandpoint was looking for a window covering solution for her new home. She needed expert advice to decide on the right type of window shades. Considering Sandpoint's cold winters, we suggested cellular shades throughout her entire home for their insulating benefits. Additionally, a matching vertical cellular shade was recommended for her large sliding glass door. We were able to cover her two narrow front entry windows with SmartFit top-down bottom-up cordless cellular shades.

After deciding on the type of shades, the customer leaned on suggestions from a local color and finish expert Cathy Gibson to choose a clean and neutral color. The final color chosen was Marshmello, and the cell size was 1.25". Next, the customer decided which shades would be standard and which would be top-down bottom-up.

Lastly, the customer wished to avoid dangling cords from her windows. For the windows she would not operate as often, she chose cordless shades and wands to help her reach them without the need for a step ladder. For the shades she would operate daily, she chose the motorized option with a remote. By the end of her installation, the customer was pleased with her selections and requested that we measure for some exterior patio shades for a future project.


If you live in the North Idaho & Spokane area and are looking for window coverings for your new home or remodel then feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We are happy to answer questions and get you set up with a commitment free appointment!


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