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French Patio Door Shades in Rathdrum, Idaho Home

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Smartfit Shades with a Frame are one of our favorite window treatments for French patio doors. On this project we helped the customer choose a 1.08" vintage hang strip frame to fit between the door and the handle. The frame color that matched the door was "Pure White".

Coeur Window Coverings French Patio Door Shades

The Benefits of a Smartfit Shade with Frame:

  • looks like it's part of the door.

  • available in 51 frame colors to match or contrast with your door.

  • easy cordless top down bottom up operation.

  • this door shade doesn't move or hit the door when the door is being opened or closed.

  • elegant and stylish light control and privacy control.

  • budget friendly compared to other options for french patio doors.

The Smartfit Shade with Frame is also type of cellular shade meaning it provides the best insulation of any other window covering category. Winters in North Idaho and Eastern Washington are usually very cold and cellular shades will minimize the thermal transfer that happens at the window and save you money on your monthly heating bill.


To learn more about this product or our other product lines, browse our website and contact us for a free in home design consultation.


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