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Reasons To Add Exterior Sun Screens To Your Home

Updated: Jun 26, 2023


Exterior sun screens are wildly popular along North Idaho’s lakes and rivers mainly because of the intense sunlight reflected off of the lake surface during the summer months. As you can see in the video, this client already has window tinting and still needs outdoor shades to cut the light. Besides reducing UV rays and glare that enters your home, outdoor window shades also provide several other benefits.

1) They are a great option for arched windows. Arched windows can be a challenge to cover inside the home. Sometimes installing your window coverings outside looks best. As long as your home has enough space under the eaves, exterior shades can be mounted up and out of the way with complimentary hardware colors. In this case the homeowner chose black to match the window frames but he had the option to match the light brown siding.

2) They are durable and outdoor rated. These shades will not fade or tear with normal and responsible use. Shades come with cable guides or tracks that keep the shades in place in a breezy environment.

3) Golf ball proof. Exterior screen and patio shades offer excellent protection against golf balls for North Idaho residents who live in a golf community. Protect your windows and yourself with these shades.

4) Manual or Motorized. If you’re in the planning phase or early building phase of your house these shades can be prewired. If the house is too far along to prewire then shades can be powered with direct plugin to the nearest outlet.

5) Keep your view. You can see in the video just how well you can still see through the shades when they are lowered.

6) Lastly, they are an excellent option if you just don’t like window coverings inside your beautiful wood window casings. Many of our customers never planned on covering certain windows because they loved how they look with nothing in them. Then the sun rose and things got real. Exterior window shades are the perfect compromise because you don’t see them from inside when they are raised.

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