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Solar Shades

Solar Shades diffuse light, minimize glare, and still allow a view through the fabric. 

Keep Your View

With Coeur Window Covering’s solar shades, you can keep your view while protecting your floors and furniture from fading.

Designer Screen Shade for Large Window
Solar Shade for Office

Quick Tip: It’s easier to see out of a dark colored solar shade than a light colored solar shade because light is reflected on lighter colors and creates a haze when looking through the shade.

Features & Benefits

Coeur Window Covering’s solar shades offer a range of openness values depending on how much view you want to see through your shades. 1% -15% (least view to most view).


Smart Release

Simply tug the cord loop and the shade will lower on it’s own. This is a great solution for homes with large banks of windows.

Image 3-1-22 at 8_edited.png

Precision Lift

Move your shade anywhere you want and let go. Flawless and smooth cordless operation.

Image 3-1-22 at 8.16 AM.jpg


Roller shades are popular for large window expanses and raising them with the touch of a button adds an element of luxury to your home.


UV Protection

Solar shades do an excellent job of protecting your valuables from UV rays.


Flame Resistant

Select fabrics are NFPA 701 compliant for flame resistance including all our solar shades.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Limited Lifetime Warranty extends from installation throughout the life of your window treatment.

2020_DSS_PV_Umbria 5%_Bedroom After-2.jpeg

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