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Vertical Blinds

Got a large or floor to ceiling window? A slider or double slider? We have you covered. Verticals are great blinds for sliding glass doors because they stack off to the side to access your door. Vertical blinds are available in hundreds of color and pattern combinations and in both vinyl and fabric options.

Cost Effective and Easy to Operate

Vertical blinds offer a sliding and tilting operation which makes them easy to use. These are popular for sliding door applications because they eliminate a stack above the doorway and intuitively slide alongside the door.

Vertical Blind in a sliding glass door
Vertical Blinds in a window

Quick Tip: Eliminate cords and select wand operation as a child and pet friendly option.

Features & Benefits

Vertical blinds are available in very large sizes and can accommodate most large windows. At Coeur Window Coverings, we also provide the newest vertical design with the Aileron headrail. This system has the valance built into the headrail for a sleek and streamlined look.


Modern S Curved Vertical Vanes

S-curved vanes provide a tighter closure and a drapery-like look.


Colors & Textures

There are many modern colors and textures to choose from.


Valance Free Design

We provide the option of a sleek valance free vertical blind.


Aileron Headrail

The award-winning design  adjusts automatically as the slats are rotated open or closed to block light more completely.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Limited Lifetime Warranty extends from installation throughout the life of your window treatment.


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