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Easy, Accurate Shade Control 

Your PowerView shades will always be exactly where you want them, when you want them, thanks to Bluetooth technology, which features real-time, two-way communication between your shades and the PowerView system.

Benefits of Motorized Window Coverings

  • More Control - some windows require motorization due to their size or being out of reach.

  • Added Convenience - easily control shades with a button press, tap on your mobile device, automatically, or even with your voice.

  • Increased Privacy—schedule shades to automatically close whenever you want.

  • Better Energy Efficiency—schedule shades to raise and lower to keep interiors warmer or cooler, depending on the season.

  • Enhanced Security—give your home a lived-in look while you’re away by scheduling shades to automatically raise and lower at set times.

  • Safer for Children—because smart shades lack lift cords, they’re a safer option than shades with exposed cords.

3rd Party Automation Compatible

Power Options



If you plan ahead with your builder, hardwiring your windows for automated shades can save you the hassle of recharging batteries every year or getting on a ladder for those high or hard to reach window shades. Prewiring means that your shades never run out of battery life, giving you consistent reliability and operation. 

Rechargeable Battery


For remodels or homes already built past the drywall stage, we offer sleek solar panels and rechargeable battery options. These batteries last about a year depending on usage and the size of the shades they are powering and require only 3 hours to charge. 

Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized and automated window treatments are becoming less of a luxury and more of a standard option with the rise in smart home technology and the ability to tie all our different devices together into a seamless web of convenience. 

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