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Window Treatment Ideas for Arched, Angled, & Odd-Shaped Windows

Updated: Oct 20, 2023


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Windows come in all shapes and sizes, and while standard rectangular or square windows are common, many homeowners are embracing the uniqueness of specialty-shaped windows. These distinctive architectural features add character and charm to a space but can pose a challenge when it comes to finding the right window coverings. In this blog, we'll explore the various window covering options for specialty-shaped windows, helping you strike the perfect balance between form and function.

Window Coverings for Arched Windows

Arched windows are known for their elegant and timeless appearance. They can be found in many architectural styles, from traditional to modern. Here are some window covering options for arched windows:

a. Operable Arched Shutters: Classic and durable, plantation-style shutters can be custom-made for any arch of every size and shape. Our design experts will create a template and ship it to the manufacturer with the order number for a perfect fit.

b. Operable & Non-Operable Arched Cellular Shades: Cellular or honeycomb shades are versatile and energy-efficient options that can be custom-made to fit arched windows. Hunter Douglas offers an operable arched shade called the EasyView Arch.

c. Drapery: If you have the space to mount them, draperies can be an elegant solution to cover arched windows. Drapes work well for arched windows because they accent the architectural design of the space and can often be pulled back leaving a complete view when you want it.

d. Other Non-Operable Shadings: most styles of window coverings can be custom-made to fit arched windows however they are permanently in position to offer light control and privacy.

Window Coverings for Angled Windows

Angled Windows are very popular in North Idaho and Eastern Washington because of our views and steep roof lines designed for bearing lots of snow. Here are some window-covering options for angled windows.

Plantation style shutter for angled window

a. Operable Angled Shutters: These timeless window treatments are popular for angled windows because not only are they operable, and not only because they are so durable, but they can be motorized with solar-powered lithium batteries built into the shutter!

b. Operable Angled Cellular Shades: Cellular shades offer the best insulation at the window than any window covering but the reason that they are so popular for angled windows is because they disappear when you want your view.

c. Operable Solar Shades: Solar shades can also be operated in angled windows from the bottom up. The fabric roll is installed on the window sill or on a custom palladian shelf and tension headrails mounted at the angle pull the shade up when the motor is released. White nylon cords that connect the shade to the tension headrail are hard to see especially in high and out-of-reach windows.

A fixed star shade for a triangular window

d. Non-Operable Angled Shades: If you don't need to operate the shades and just need light or thermal control then there are plenty of options for most other window covering styles.

Window Coverings for Odd Shaped Windows

There are window coverings for hexagon, octagon, trapezoid, eyebrows, circles, and quarter circles. Our favorite window treatment for these odd shaped windows is the shutter. This is simply because it is operable and the most durable window covering for this application.

An octagonal shaped interior shutter

Consider Exterior Shades

Sometimes exterior shades can cover an arched or angled window if there is enough room to mount under the eaves of the roof.

Any More Questions? Coeur Window Coverings is Your Resource

If you have any more questions about window treatments for arched or angled windows, remember that our design and installation experts are one call away. We're happy to chat about these kinds of projects and we look forward to building trust as the local window-covering experts in the Spokane and North Idaho area. We encourage you to reach out!

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