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Plantation Style Shutters for Home in Post Falls


White shutters in Post Falls home

A customer called us to quote plantation-style interior shutters for a new addition to their Post Falls, Idaho home. They wanted to match their existing shutters to keep a uniform look along the front of their house.

Shutter Specifications:

  • 2" bullnose z frame

  • 4.5" slats

  • Invisible Tilt

  • Split Tilt

  • Color: Pure White

The homeowners wanted to keep the shutters clean and modern so we eliminated the traditional tilt rod. To control the shutters you simply move one slat and the others move as well due to the internal mechanism built inside the shutter styles. For more information about Invisible Tilt, see the link here.

Additionally, the homeowners wanted larger 4.5" slats that offered a better view (fewer slats) and a more modern design.

Given that the windows faced north, managing light was not the primary issue. Instead, these homeowners sought tranquility and seclusion from neighbors and passing street traffic. A significant advantage of plantation-style shutters is their potential for customization, particularly with a feature called split tilt. What is split tilt? This function enables you to manipulate individual sections of the shutter separately. This customization holds great value for homeowners with similar preferences, as they can ensure privacy in the lower part of the window while allowing light to filter in and allow an outward view in the upper section.

Empty windows before shutters are added in Post Falls home

White shutters in Post Falls, Idaho home

We hope you found this little project useful and educational. If you have any questions about interior shutters or would like to schedule a FREE in-home consultation then click the link below to start.

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