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Top-Rated Sidelight Window Coverings: Treatments For The Narrowest Windows

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Many customers find it challenging to figure out how to cover sidelight windows due to their narrow widths, which often restricts window covering options. Additionally, if left uncovered, sidelight windows may give a view into your home to visitors. In this blog, we will list available options for covering narrow entry sidelight windows and share our top three favorite options.

Slatted window coverings are a great option for those looking for durability and versatility. Shutters are particularly useful for homes with pets or children, as their sturdy design can withstand roughhousing and bumps. Many shutters also come with a polypropylene coating that not only protects them from high temperatures but also scuffs and scratches caused by toys or paws. If you want to give your pets a clear view outside, consider a double-hung shutter which lets you keep the lower half open while the top half remains closed. Alternatively, if you prefer one panel at the window, a split tilt allows you to open and close the upper and lower louvers independently, giving you the privacy you need while still enjoying the view outside. Click the link here to see this shutter in operation.

Double Hung Wood Shutter in Spokane Home
Wood Double Hung Style Shutter In Spokane Home

This style of cordless cellular shade is a tension system that allows the shade to fit narrow windows. These shades are available in top down bottom up which allows you to lower the shade from the top of the window to see who is outside your door.

Check out a Smartfit cellular shade in action here!

cellular shade in a sidelight window

3. Blinds

Depending on the width of your window, blinds will be either fully operable or partially operational. They will either tilt & raise or tilt only. To determine this Contact us for a FREE measurement and consult to go over your options.

These are available in a cord loop option for most sidelight windows. Keep in mind that roller shades have a slightly larger gap between the fabric and the window frame making them less attractive in the narrowest sidelight windows.

This option is a very simple and effective option to cover sidelight windows. While it isn't the most functional window covering, it does give you privacy while dressing up the window.

Sheer curtains in a sidelight entry window


Other Window Coverings For Sidelight Windows

There are many more ways to cover sidelight windows the wider they become. If you have a window covering style in mind and would like to see if they can be made for your sidelight windows then tap or click the contact button below! We are happy to answer questions and be your local window covering resource.

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