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Embracing Innovation: Automated Solar Shades Transforming the Atlas Mill Neighborhood in CDA, Idaho

The Atlas Tie Company was previously located where the new Atlas Mill neighborhood now stands. The name of the neighborhood is a tribute to the area's timber history and the new parks and streets serve as reminders of the past. The neighborhood is conveniently located within walking distance to The Village at Riverstone and biking distance to downtown Coeur d'Alene. It also boasts stunning views of the river and mountains. We are proud to be involved in several home projects in the area and excited to share the details of our innovative work with Atlas Building Group where we provided automated solar shades in their 2023 Parade Home located in the Atlas Mill neighborhood.

view through solar shades in Coeur d'Alene ID

Our vision was to seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, and what better way to achieve this than through the installation of automated solar shades in this CDA home? Picture this: a neighborhood where technology meets tranquility, where the beauty of the Spokane River is showcased through cutting-edge design elements. That's precisely what we've accomplished in the heart of Coeur d'Alene.

Automated Elegance: Solar Shades that Disappear with a Touch

Our team embraced the challenge of creating a space where residents could effortlessly control their environment while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Spokane River. The answer? Automated solar shades with sleek black metal fascia. The beauty of this design lies in its subtlety—the shades effortlessly disappear into the black window frames when raised, allowing the homeowners to relish uninterrupted panoramas whenever they please.

Imagine waking up to the warm glow of the morning sun, effortlessly adjusting your solar shades with a simple touch, and watching as the shades seamlessly disappear, revealing the expansive beauty of the river beyond. This level of automation not only adds a touch of modern luxury but also enhances the overall living experience for the residents of Atlas Mill.

solar shade in cda home

Function in Style: The Benefits of Automated Solar Shades in CDA

The advantages of solar shades extend beyond their aesthetic appeal. These shades are a necessity for North Idaho living. With solar shades, residents can regulate natural light, reduce energy consumption, and maintain a comfortable living environment. The automated feature ensures optimal control, allowing homeowners to effortlessly balance their desire for natural light with the need for privacy and energy efficiency.

Moreover, the black metal fascia not only serves a functional purpose but also complements the contemporary architecture of Atlas Mill. The shades harmonize with the existing black window frames, creating a cohesive and sophisticated look that elevates the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood.

Soaring to Greater Efficiency: Preparing High Windows for the Future

From the project's inception, we recognized the need to elevate the convenience and sustainability of the homes in the Atlas Mill neighborhood.

power supply for automated solar shades

To ensure that future homeowners never have to climb a ladder for shade adjustments or battery replacements, a strategic decision was made early on: prewiring the windows.

In the initial stages of construction, Atlas's team of skilled electricians ran low-voltage wiring from each window to a centralized location. This forward-thinking approach ensures seamless integration of technology, allowing for hassle-free operation of shades without the need for physical intervention. The centralized power supply lays the groundwork for a future where residents can enjoy the benefits of modern automation without the inconvenience of manual maintenance.

Preserving the Vista: Enjoying the Spokane River View

We can't talk about the Atlas Mill project without emphasizing the incredible views of the Spokane River. The solar shades, when lowered, still allow homeowners to immerse themselves in the scenic beauty that surrounds them. Whether it's sipping morning coffee, hosting a dinner party, or simply unwinding after a long day, residents now have the privilege of enjoying the river view without any hindrance.

Conclusion: A Vision Realized, a Neighborhood Transformed

In the Atlas Mill neighborhood of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, we've turned a vision into reality. The marriage of automated solar shades with prewired power and black metal fascia has not only elevated the aesthetic appeal of the homes but has also contributed to a more sustainable and enjoyable living experience. As a North Idaho window covering company involved in this transformative project, we are proud to have played a role in creating a neighborhood where innovation and nature coexist in harmony.

We look forward to witnessing the continued positive impact of this project on the lives of Atlas Mill residents, as they bask in the beauty of their surroundings, all while embracing the convenience and sustainability that automated solar shades bring to their homes. Here's to the future of design, where technology and nature converge for a better, more beautiful world.


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