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Wood Blinds vs Faux Wood Blinds

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Coeur Window Coverings

Wood & Faux Wood blinds share many of the same benefits however choosing one over the other comes down to several factors:

1) Budget.

Faux Wood blinds cost less than their natural counterpart.

2) Style.

While faux wood blinds look similar to some painted wood blinds, if you want a stained blind to match your existing stained trim then you may need to choose a wood blind.

3) Durability

Our wood blinds are quarter sawn for maximum strength and our faux wood blinds are manufactured from co-extruded and 125° HDT heat tested pvc to prevent warping when exposed to direct sunlight. Wood blinds will fade faster overtime because it is a natural product and are more sensitive to humid environments such as bathrooms.

4) Light Control

While both products have excellent light control capabilities, one of our faux wood lines is made with a bottom bar that tilts like the rest of the slats so that the entire blind closes uniformly with the least light leakage of any blind in the industry. Ask us about our Ultimate Faux Wood Blind!

Watch the video below to see examples of the wood and Ultimate Faux Wood Blinds we offer through Norman window Fashions!

If you have any questions or need blinds in North Idaho and the Spokane area please give us a call or request a free in-home consultation here.

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